Belly Fat Burning Diet. Secret Recipes!

What clothes do you hate most in your life? Yes, fat clothes! Are you ready to take off your fat clothes today? Some belly fat burning diet are going to be revealed in the following discussion.

Our body needs fuel to perform cell’s functions. Where does the fuel come from? Food! The higher calories food we take, the more fuel are being filled into our body. What happens if we have a lot of fuel left unused?

Here’s come our fat clothes. The fuel left unused will be stored in fat cells especially around hips, higher arm and waist region. When this fuel keep entering our body has reached it’s limit, fat will eventually accumulated and also cover up our muscles. That’s why we look chubby.

Now, what are these belly fat burning diet recipes?

Secret Recipes 1 Detox With Fruit Infused Water

We need to drink a plenty of clean water every day. Instead of just drinking plain water, you should create yourself a glass of refreshing and detoxing fruit infused water. Mix some citrus fruits with water such as mint, lemon, orange and lime. According to World Health Organization, these citrus fruits are rich in D-limonene. liver enzymes are stimulated by this compound and flush toxins out from our body. This helps us to lose belly fat as well.

Secret Recipes 2 Salmon Fish

Salmon fish contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid which are healthy fat. High level of leptin leads to fat storing in our body. What happens if we include salmon into our meal? It reduces leptin. Reduce leptin will boost metabolism and burn calories. Besides that, salmon itself contains low unhealthy fat and calories.

Secret Recipes 3 Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The fact is it also keeps our fat away. An apple contains a chemical pectin that acts as a cell’s guard prevents body from absorbing fat. Besides that, antioxidant in apple helps to reduce excess belly fat. Apple contains high soluble fiber that will make us stay full for a longer time as well. This means an apple a day, keep the hunger away.

Secret Recipes 4 Vegetables

Many people may relate fat loss with salad. They thought vegetables are healthy and low calories. However, sadly to say not all vegetables are like that. Potatoes, yam and sweet potatoes contain high carbohydrates and calories.  On the other hand, vegetables like broccoli and carrot contain very low carbohydrates and no fat. They are able to help us in boosting metabolism.

When we eat vegetables we are actually take in calories too even though they are in a lower level. But let’s consider this, when our body is digesting them, our body burns more calories compare to the amount that we have taken in. This simply means that we are actually burning calories and fat when we eat vegetables.

Let’s look at this interesting example that stated in an e-book, a serving of brussels sprouts contains 50 calories. But when our body digests them, we burn 75 calories. What does this means? A quick calculation shows that when we are eating a serving of brussels sprouts, our body burns 25 calories.

Secret Recipes 5 Eggs

Eggs contain a lot of protein which will boost metabolism and help us to burn fat. Eggs are actually very nutritious food which maintain our good health and enhance good cholesterol.

Secret Recipes 6 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil boosts our metabolism and turn on our body’s fat burning mode. So change your cooking oil but don’t change your cooking recipe. Adding coconut oil to your cooking improves thyroid gland function which will then turn on our metabolism engine.

Besides boosting metabolism, coconut oil makes us feel less appetite as well. According to a research, people who added 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in breakfast are not as hungry during lunch and also lesser appetite later in the afternoon.

Secret Recipes 7 Green Tea

In a recent study, drink green tea for over 12 weeks period without making any significant changes to the diet may help a person to reduce his weight of 2.9 pound. Another study shows having green tea two times a day may burn extra 100 calories in a day.

Why this “miracle” happens? Green tea consists of catechin (a type of caffeine) that helps to boost metabolism and burns excess fat. In addition, when we drink hot green tea, our body works hard to cool the hot tea down to body temperature. So this may result in burning calories.

However, I do not simply mean a boiling hot green tea. If we just freshly brewed a boiling hot green tea, please sit it aside to cool for a few minutes. This is because boiling hot water will give a opposite result as it destroys catechin, a chemical that boosts metabolism and also other useful compound.

Daily Recipes

Now, the decision to take off fat clothes is in your hand. If you adopt the secret recipes above into your daily life and meals, you are going to see results in a matter of weeks. In order to sculpt your body further into a flatter belly, you need to include other exercises such as running or working out at a gym. You are welcome to leave a comment below to share which secret recipes from above do you like the most.


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3 thoughts on “Belly Fat Burning Diet. Secret Recipes!”

  1. I’m relieved that eggs are good to eat! We eat eggs at home often. It’s also good to know about the other foods that are good to eat. Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for this informative article about the food that we could have to control our weight better. You have included some of my favorites, such as apples, broccoli, and green tea, which I have almost every day. Sometimes, I only have apples and yogurt for dinner after my work out sessions.

    Belly fat is something that I fight with for a long while. Besides the diet recipes, it indeed needs regular exercise or workout at gyms, just like what you mentioned. My other suggestion for beginners is to calculate the calories you intake every meal, so you will be able to know the amount of food you can have in a day. Then, try not to eat less than the daily limit; you will see the results soon.



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