High Intensity Interval Training : Fat Loss (HIIT)

HIIT or high intensity interval training for fat loss. Perhaps you might hear of HIIT before and you might even try to do HIIT at home to shed some belly. What is the best HIIT workout for fat loss? in this article, you are going to learn the true concept of HIIT to replace all … Read more High Intensity Interval Training : Fat Loss (HIIT)

How to Workout at Gym? Tips for Beginners

Maybe you are hiding at home recently without going out, lack of exercise and surprisingly you are getting out of shape and growing on belly fat. You set a goal to shed your belly fat at the gym but you have no idea how to workout at gym.

You are considering signing up and join a gym membership club because you are just a beginner.


You might not know a lot about working out and you hope to learn how to workout in a gym to lose belly fat. Next, we are going to learn exactly how to workout at gym for beginners.

For beginners who are just starting out, gym workout not only reduces belly fat but also build up muscle.

Workout Equipment

For beginners, you might want to lose belly fat and build muscle at the same time. You have no idea how to equip yourself.

If you don’t have the suitable equipment, you are more likely to hurt yourself when you are getting involved in working out especially weight lifting.

Hence, suitable equipment are very important to protect your different body parts. We will look at some basic equipment that you might need in a gym and each of their functions.

  • Head Band- We wear head band around our forehead to absorb sweat. Sweat won’t drip into our eyes and distract us. Furthermore, head band can avoid our hairs from reaching the eye. We can fully focus and working out safely.

  • Gloves- with gloves in our hands, we can hold steadily on weights because it grips on weights firmly. We need it especially if we have a sweaty palm. Imagine that if you have a sweaty  palm and you lift weights,  the weights probably slip away and hurt your leg. Beginners have do not any technique yet in weightlifting if they have never workout in a gym before. So it is wise for them to wear a glove to prevent cut or bruises.

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