Do I Lose Belly Fat? The Real Fat? FitTrack Review

Maybe you exercise hard and plan for your diet, but you always feel like you just can’t lose weight. Do I lose belly fat? This question pop out in your mind.

After all hard work, you look at the reflection in the mirror and you think why am I still fat and why my belly is still big as usual. Or even you feel like losing weight, you are still wondering do I lose belly fat for real? Not muscles mass? Not being dehydrated?

If you are serious about losing fat, you need a scale to assist you. This isn’t just simply another weighing scale, but this is a FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale.

This scale will help you to determine if your effort on losing fat are paying off.

Why Do I Need This Scale ?

With FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale, we can keep monitoring our losing fat progress from 17 vital body health data measurements. This is far beyond a weighing scale.

These data measurements include:

•Body Mass Index (BMI)- act as an overall health indicator. If you compare BMI from Fittrack Scale with the BMI from calculation, you will get a picture of your health condition.

•Visceral Fat- This index shows the amount of fat around your abdominal. You can find out did you lose belly fat effectively and how much more work do you need to put on.

•Muscle Mass- to find out if you are gaining muscles  or losing muscles as this is a piece of important information for weight lifter

•Hydration Level- to ensure you drink enough of water for maintaining ideal hydration level daily.

•Bone Mass- gives you an idea of your body’s foundation.

•BMR- is a measurement to show how many calories does your body required to perform basic functions. BMR helps you to plan on a diet if you aim for calories deficit in order to lose weight or fat

•Body Fat %– to discover your body’s fat composition

•Protein %- protein rate may helps you to figure out nutrition level in your body especially if you are on a diet

•Body Age– to compare your “body” age with your real age. An unhealthy condition is reflected on body age if your body age gets old quicker than real age.

•Body Fat •Weight Control •Standard Weight •Weight without Fat •Muscle Weight •Protein Amount •Obesity Degree •Weight

How It Works ?

Stand on FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale ——> four metal plates in the scale generate electrical signal (low and safe) ——> electrical signal is sent from feet to legs and abdomen ——> electrical signal passes quickly through water in hydrated muscle tissue ——> if electrical signal hits fat tissues will then produce resistance

* This resistance is inserted into Fittrack equations to calculate 17 body composition data measurements.

Why Do I Choose Fittrack?

FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale has been approved for sale by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official. This proves that FDA has checked this product and this quality piece of product is not dangerous to users.

According to manufacturer, this scale has a guaranteed accuracy to the nearest 200g or 300g. This precise weighing gadget fits for both home use and professional use.

Fittrack scale is made for all type of body. Users have the option to activate athlete mode.

Athlete mode allows users to check on the specific data that are related to their sports. Let say if you are working out on abs, data like visceral fat and muscle weight might be useful to track on the progress of your abs transforming.

This scale is family friendly that may provides health information for all family members. Parents may even activate infant mode. Parents can easily monitor children health as they are growing up. It allows a maximum of 8 users.

Where do I buy Fittrack scale?

Purchase from official website:

Product name :FitTrack-Smart Body BMI Scale                                                               

Original Price : $179.90 USD

Sale Price NOW : $89.95 USD (free App included + free shipping excludes Middle East, Africa and Caribbean countries)

How To Use Fittrack Scale

1. Prepare 4 AAA batteries and insert on the back of the scale.

2. Download free Fittrack App. (Available in Google App store and Apple App store)

3. Open Fittrack App and sync with the scale through bluetooth automatically.

4. Step on the scale flat surface.

5. 4 metal plates in the scale send signal into our body. Scanning and calculation of different body measurements are in progress.

6. Data will be displayed in your app under 10 seconds.

Customer’s Rating From Amazon

From the reviews of 323 Amazon’s customers, we can see an overall of 80% customers were satisfied and happy with Fittrack scale. Meanwhile, the other 20% customers were unsatisfied with this scale. Let us look at some of their comments:

These are examples of positive reviews from Amazon’s customers. From these comments we have learned that Fittrack scale is far beyond a weighing scale. It provides information on maintaining health while we are losing belly fat.

The real fat! We are not being dehydrated, losing nutrients or muscles mass. But we are eliminating the unhealthy fat and we may turn it into muscles. We are keeping track and monitoring our progress until we achieve our goals.

However, there are some negative feedback from Amazon’s customers as well. These may include delayed in shipping, lack of accuracy and app not syncing well etc.

Here comes the best part. According to the website, the company offers a refund or replacement with a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. The terms and conditions are stated under the section of refund & returns in the official website.

Summary of Reviews


  • 17 health data measurements
  • accurate body composition data
  • keep motivated as you are monitoring your progress
  • user friendly and is able to sync with apple health and google health
  • made for different body type including athlete
  • family friendly as it allows a maximum  of 8 users


  • Fittrack may seems a bit small for a user who has large feet
  • since Fittrack scale connects to the phone by bluetooth, the phone need to be in a certain range and distance with the scale

In a nutshell, if you are serious in losing fat, I mean the real fat, you need a FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale to help you out. Many people may seem losing weight, but might not be in a healthy physical condition.

With this scale, you are able to keep track of your body fat composition, monitor your progress, discover the part that you need to work on and stay motivated until your goals are being achieved.

Hence, if you plan to lose fat for real, consider to buy Fittrack scale now and save $89.95 USD. If you start to lose fat with a good plan, you are one step closer to your goal. Please leave a comment below to share with us on what do you think about Fittrack scale. Or if you have bought one, let us know your experience on using it. Thank you.

For more information about FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale , please refer to the FAQ section in the official website.




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  1. This looks like a cool device for the ones who need a little more convincing.

    We have the normal scale which we are looking to change and as we are always struggling with losing weight then I think we will take a closer look at this product.

    Comes with free shipping to Europe so that’s a major plus.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Especially we need to keep the balance between fat loss and health, this device can provide us many useful informations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Fit Track sounds like a great scale. I am amazed by the number of features it contains. Measuring Visceral Fat is really good.
    Reviews are also great. Thank you for taking time to compile all these info.


    • You are welcome. With the development of technologies nowadays, we can easily monitor our health condition at home with all the features provided.

  3. Does it make coffee too?! 🙂 Seriously though, it’s incredible what it can do. Our scale needs replacing, so will look into this. I enjoy weight lifting and muscle building and it looks like this scale can assist with that too, which is a bonus!


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