Fatty Belly, Fatty Liver

In this modernized world, the number of people having obesity has only seems to be increasing. The fact is many people die from overweight or obesity in many populated cities.

A lot of people may think it’s okay to have a big belly, it only makes me look bad and nothing more. But what they don’t know is their liver condition might turn very bad. They might be suffering from fatty liver disease. If obese people allow their fatty liver to destroy further, it could eventually turn into liver cancer. First, we want to know what causes of fatty liver disease.

What causes of fatty liver disease?

Now, we are going to look at one of the common reasons.

Eat excess of calories   ——>   excess of calories stored as fat ——> liver is difficult to decompose the fat that are gradually topping up——> fat accumulate in liver    ——-> fatty liver

Of course, there are other causes of fatty liver disease such as alcoholism, malnutrition and diabetes etc.

  • What if I ignore it, I want to keep enjoying my meal and lifestyle. What next? We’ll probably face the real enemy next——–liver cancer.

Let us look at this transformation:

Fat accumulated in liver ——> inflamation of liver cells ——> liver cirrhosis ——> abnormal changes in the number of liver cells   ——> liver cancer

What is a Diet For a Fatty Liver?

First of all, when we are in a diet, it also simply means foods to avoid. What are foods to avoid for a fatty liver?

  • Fried food which are high in bad cholesterol and calories
  • High carb food like white bread and pasta
  • Snacks like chocolate bars and candies which contain a lot of added sugar
  • Alcohol

Next, we are going to look at various kind of diet that are suitable for a fatty liver person.

  • Low fat diet- a diet with lists of food that are low in fat content. Avoid all high carb food such as potato chips, white bread and pasta. Excessive intake of carb will eventually decompose to glucose and be stored as fat. Take in high fiber food instead like oat meal to replace carbohydrate. For meat lover, choosing lean meat will be a wise choice for a low fat diet.
  • DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet- This diet encourages an individual to intake low sodium, low sugar, low saturated fat and avoid processed food. On the other hand, they should take in more fish, high lean protein, a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • VLC (very low calories) diet- if an individual is going to adopt VLC diet, it is wise to have a nutritional plan and gets consultation from a medical advisor.

How to Cure a Fatty Liver Disease

According to a study of World Journal of Gastroenterology, published in the United States in July, found that if you exercise for seven days a week and as well as improve your diet, the fat content in your liver dropped by up to 49 percent after 48 weeks.

Hence, we can clearly see that exercise is an important factor in eliminating fatty liver disease. You may ask what kind of exercise can effectively eliminate fatty liver? Aerobic exercise!

  1. Jogging – jogging is a cardio exercise that helps to burn many calories. But please be aware of your own body’s condition, if you find out your knee joint is not in a good condition, please put on a knee sleeve while joging.
  2. Swimming – if you find out that your knee is not in a good condition, swimming is perfect for those who want to protect their knee joints. Swimming can burn a lot of calories, lose belly fat and lose weight.
  3. Dancing – dancing improves the flexibility of the whole body. When an individual is engaged in dancing, the movement of the entire body is getting involved.            Dance  —>   body move   —>  burn calories  —> fat loss

Detoxing Fatty Liver

You may need extra help to eliminate your fatty liver-a drink called apple cider vinegar. What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

  • Flush away liver toxin
  • Recover liver’s functions
  • Cure liver relevant disease
  • Reduce excess fat and contribute to belly fat loss

  • How do I choose apple cider vinegar drink? Make sure that the apple cider vinegar is organic and no preservatives added. The easiest way for you is to purchase online.
  • How do I use apple cider vinegar? Drink 2 tablespoons in the morning before meal and drink plenty of water ( at least 8 cups of water)
  • Can I add any flavoring to my apple cider vinegar drink? Natural sweetener like honey can be added to your apple cider drink. It depends on your personal preference.
  • How to include apple cider vinegar to my daily diet? Blend it with fresh fruits to make a juice or use as a salad dressing.

Be Aware of Fatty Belly and Fatty Liver

If anyone has a big fatty belly, please do not take it for granted. It is necessary for each of us to have a regular physical check-up. If we want to know wheter we have a fatty liver, make an appointment for Color Doppler Ultrasonic checking in a hospital. Prevention is better than cure. Let us live healthily and avoid fatty liver. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any experience in eliminating fatty liver.

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  1. I have stopped eating high carbs for almost 6 months now and I have never felt any better. I never thought about fatty liver disease however, I will save this article for further reference. Great work!

  2. This is why exercising and eating healthy is important. I always try to tell my friends and love ones about the importance of keeping fit. Great post.


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