Good Running Shoes For Women : How to Choose?

How to choose good running shoes for women? If you decide to run and lose belly fat, first you need a pair of good running shoes that suits you. In this article, you are going to discover a few Brooks running shoes for women that are perfect for running.

But before you start purchasing a pair of running shoes, it is important to first understand your own foot. Different shoes are designed with different features to provide various supports upon the landing of your foot when you run.

Understand The Pronation of Your Foot

Pronation basically describes the patterns of your foot movement that rolls from hill to toe upon landing on the ground while running. It is important for us to have some understandings about our pronation before purchasing a pair of running shoes. If we don’t choose a pair of shoes that provides proper and sufficient supports to our feet, we will get hurt and injured easily.

According to an article in healthline, there are three types of pronation that are identifiable by us.

  • pronation (overpronation) ~ when your foot gets in contact with the ground, the ball of foot rolls inward with more than 15°. This lead to a destabilize body due to the forces of impact upon landing are not being absorbed equivalently and efficiently. This may results in some injuries.
  • Neutral pronation ~ when your foot lands on the ground, hill is rolling to the ball of foot nice and evenly with a slightly inward of 15°. Upon landing, the ball of your foot distributes the force of impact evenly when it is getting in contact with the land surface. Hence, you are able to maintain the alignment of your leg and ankle and avoid any possible injuries based on that article mentioned above.
  • Supination (underpronation) ~ when your foot contacts the ground upon landing, it rolls outward instead of tilting inward. This means now the forces of impact are concentrated on the smaller toes area. This causes your ankle to be twisted easily and lead to an ankle sprained and further possible knee injuries.[sg_popup id=”573″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]

Tricks to Find Out Your Pronation

There are two simple tricks to find out your pronation which can be easily done at home.

1) Observe the sole patterns on your shoes.

How to find out if you have an overpronated foot? Look at the wear out patterns on your shoe sole. Since your foot is rolling inward more than 15° upon landing, the forces of impact are focusing on the inside foot especially around the bigger toe area. After sometimes, you may find out some sections of your shoe sole as circled in the picture above has worn out more than the other sections.

Most people are having neutral pronation in common. How do you identify? Look at some sections of your shoe sole as circled in the picture above. When your foot strikes the ground, the forces of impact are disturbed evenly on the ball of foot. Hence, when you look at the sole on your shoe, you will find out most of the worn outs are more concentrated around the ball of foot.

For an individual who has a supinated foot, look at the outer part of your shoe sole as circled in the picture above. Due to the rolling outward ankle of a supinated foot, the forces of impact are concentrating on the outer part of the shoe sole. After sometimes, you may see some sections of the sole as circled above have more worn outs compare to the other sections.

2) Observe your foot print on a color paper

Dip the bottom of your foot in water and make sure the whole area of your foot’s bottom is completely wet. Stand on a color paper with a size that can cover the whole area of your foot. After a few seconds, observe your foot print and compare it with the picture above.

If you have a foot print with high arch and a sharp curve, this indicates your foot is underpronation. Meanwhile, if the color paper shows a foot print with a natural curve and moderate arch, this indicates your foot to be neutral pronated. Lastly, if your foot are overpronated, your foot print will show a shape of very mild curve and a low arch.

Brooks Running Shoes For Women

After you have identified the type of foot pronation of yours, it is time to choose a pair of running shoes that suits you. I am going to recommend you on brooks running shoes which have different features that are suitable for various pronation.

For underpronation, the most important feature in a pair of good running shoes is good cushioning.

Shoe name : Brooks Women Glycerin 18 Running Shoe

Price : $ 146.02 USD (varies with size)

Features : cushion ~ very soft and protective cushion. With the DNA LOFT technology in the shoe, it is able to absorb the forces of impact from the body mass upon landing and bounces the foot off after landing. Training ~ running, gym workout and sports etc.

For neutral pronation, the two important features are good cushioning and stability.

Shoe name : Brooks Cascadia 14 GTX

Price : $ 110.80 USD (varies with size)

Features : cushion ~ high flexibility helps you to encounter different surfaces even on a rough surface. Stability ~ provide a high stability like an SUV.

For overpronation, two important features that are required in a pair of running shoes are stability and motion control.

Shoe name : Women Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoes

Price : $ 79.40 USD (varies with size)

Features: Stability and motion control ~ when an individual with overpronated foot is running, his or her foot will roll inward. An excess movement will probably cause that individual to twist his or her ankle and possible knee injuries. But with the monitoring by guiderail system which is built in the shoe, this system will prevent that individual’s foot from over deviated. This system will keep you running in stable and keep your foot in position

Final Thought

Now, you can easily purchase a pair of good running shoes online at Amazon : A pair of good running shoes helps you to run safely and comfortably. However, when you are purchasing running shoes, do look at the details and select the size properly.

Make sure the shoe’s length and width of your choice are suitable for you. Do not purchase a size that is just fit or even feel a bit tight for your foot. Make sure the shoes you bought have room for your foot and toes to stretch flexibly. A pair of good running shoes with the perfect size, makes you feel comfortable while running and this will contribute to a longer run.

If you have decided to run and lose belly fat, do remember to choose a pair of good running shoes. Please let us know that do you have running shoes that suit you right now?

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