High Intensity Interval Training : Fat Loss (HIIT)

HIIT or high intensity interval training for fat loss. Perhaps you might hear of HIIT before and you might even try to do HIIT at home to shed some belly. What is the best HIIT workout for fat loss?

in this article, you are going to learn the true concept of HIIT to replace all the misconceptions that you might hear or read before. Nevertheless, you will discover the best HIIT workout that sheds your belly fat effectively and efficiently.

Let us begin now.

What Is HIIT?

if you run fast or workout intensely for 30 minutes, are these considered as HIIT workouts? No! So What is a HIIT?

The alphabets HI stand for high intensity as you need to reach a level of super high intensity. You are performing an exercise to reach this super high level of intensity in a short time until you can’t sustain it for more seconds.

So, we can simply conclude that HIIT doesn’t mean a workout for 30 minutes eventhough you feel intense.HIIT is performed in a very short time and it consists of interval. Interval shows that it has high intensity but also a lower intensity of rest.

According to an article in British Journal of sports Medicine, high intensity interval training loses body fat more efficiently than moderate intensity continuous training. According to healthline, there are researchers stated that a short time of explosive high intensity exercise combines with a short resting period can lose body fat and weight.

Who Can Do HIIT?

According to Michael Crawford, a manger of Cardiac Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic and clinical exercise physiologist certified through the American college of Sports Medicine, if an individual has cardiovascular and heart conditions such as uncontrolled heart rhythm disorders, uncontrolled high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, had heart surgery for the last 12 weeks, had history of aortic dissection, aneurysms, vascular dissection and etc, you need to check with your health care provider or physicians first before performing any HIIT exercises.

Even if a healthy person is performing HIIT, he or she needs to know his or her own limit as this intense training is about achieving very high to maximum heart in a short time to enhance its effectiveness. So he or she should only workout within this limit and never beyond this limit.

The Best HIIT Workout For Fat Loss

Well, you can basically use any workout for HIIT such as jumping jacks and bur pees etc. But the best HIIT workout is cardio exercise like sprinting or cycling. So the key to reach a high level of intensity is to increase your speed to enhance its effectiveness.

A lot of study shows that we need to reach heart beat rate in between 85% to 95% of your maximum heart rate during HIIT in order amplify your benefits in HIIT. If you are not being sure how to discover your maximum heart rate, you can learn this simple calculation here.

You might also need a tracker to keep track of your heart rate during HIIT. Nowadays, you can easily purchase a tracker online from Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/.

According to Dr. Stern Ekberg, a holistic doctor and former Olympic decathlete, he suggested an individual to do a warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before performing any HIIT. This is to prepare your body, joint, ligament and muscles to engage in HIIT later. Your heart rate is maintained below 120 at this warm up stage.

Dr. Stern Ekberg further suggested that you start doing a high intense exercise for 20s – 60s and followed by a resting period for 20s – 60s at each interval. So you are pushing your heart rate gradually higher and higher at each interval until you reach in between 85% to 95% of maximum heart rate. He recommended that you repeat your interval for 3 to 8 times and the shorter time you do for each intense exercise the more repetitions you do or vice versa.

Furthermore, he emphasized that you don’t want to rest for more than 60s in each interval. This to prevent your heart rate from dropping too low at each interval and you don’t get the HIIT’s effectiveness from previous high intensity interval. Our aim is to push our heart rate gradually higher and higher until we have reached the 85% to 95 % of maximum heart rate.

How to Sprint For HIIT ?

Well, you can start of intense exercise at a level of 80% of your maximum effort and keep increasing for the next interval. Let us look at a simple example. Let say if you want to sprint for HIIT, you can start to sprint at 80% of your maximum effort for 30 seconds and you walk or very slow jog at resting period for 30 seconds.

If you are a beginner, maybe you can do 3 repetitions for your first time which means a 4 cycles of sprint and rest intervals. For every ongoing cycle, you are gradually pushing your heart rate toward 85% to 95% of maximum heart rate.

After sometimes, when you are doing this often, your body will start to adapt to this stage of HIIT. Hence, in order to continue to lose fat, you may increase the intensity or maximum effort of exercise, increase the exercise’s duration for every interval, decrease the resting period’s duration and increase the number of repetitions.

For example, for the first few weeks, you might be sprinting for 30s at 80% of maximum effort and rest for 30s at every cycle. You are doing these intervals for 4 cycles.

Then, after a few weeks, you might want to make some adjustment in order to further lose belly fat.Well, you can increase the time duration of sprinting for 35s at 85% of maximum effort and rest for 25s at every cycle. Well, you can also increase repetition and do the sprint and rest intervals for 5 cycles at this stage.

Well, you can definitely make improvement and adjustment according to your own progress. However, for an unfit and overweight who does’doesn’t exercise for some times, you can even do fast walking for HIIT instead of sprint.

Please make sure you do HIIT within your own limit and never exceed the limit for your health benefits.


Studies show that HIIT can lose body fat more effectively than a steady moderate intensity cardio exercise. Well, you can plan any type of workout for HIIT. However, HIIT is a not simply workout for 30 minutes or more. HIIT consists of a short burst of very high intensity of exercise’s interval and followed by an interval of rest. In addition, you are doing repetitions for these intervals according to your progress and the time duration of your intense exercise.

In order to lose belly fat effectively and successfully, always combine a diet with your HIIT. If you are still not sure what kind of diet can you adopt, you might want to try out keto diet or green smoothie diet. A healthy diet not only contribute to belly fat loss but also maintain an optimal level of nutrition.

However, if you are too busy to prepare a diet meal, you can even easily buy a healthy meal online that delivers to your house.You can order a diet according to your own preference through Sun Basket Organic Meals. Please share with us that have you ever try out HIIT before. If you did, can you let us that if HIIT is effective for your fat loss journey.

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