How Do You Burn Calories While Sleeping? POSSIBLE?

We all prefer to work a little less, but gain a lot more. This is what we hope for when we talk about losing belly fat and losing weight. We want to workout just a little or none at all but lose all the weight and our belly fat. If we can even lying down and burn calories while sleeping, this is definitely the best thing ever happened in our life. So how do you burn calories while sleeping? Possible?

First of all, let’s look at the chemistry in our body while we are sleeping. According to an article in sleep foundation, when we sleep, our body continue to use up calories to perform different functions such as blood circulation, breathing and food digestion. At night, body uses up calories to repair damage cells. Nevertheless, when our sleep is at rapid eye movement stage, this uses up a lot of energy. How much calories are we using up? It depends on our metabolism. The higher metabolism, the more energy used up and the more calories burned.

Next, let us discuss few tips on how to boost metabolism to burn fat, so that we can burn calories while sleeping.

Tips1 Take in Food That Boosts Metabolism

Foods that are rich in iodine, iron, zinc and selenium are giving a hand to boost metabolism. These foods enhance thyroid gland function to spark up metabolism. Examples of foods that are rich in such elements are seafood, meat, seaweed and Brazil nuts. Hence, if we include foods that are rich in the elements mentioned above in our daily meal, our thyroid gland will perform well. This means our metabolism will be boosted and burn more calories even we are at sleep.

Tips 2 Cold, Cold and Cold

Drinking cold water burns more calories if compared to drinking regular room temperature water. Cold water may boost our metabolism up to 30%. Why? When we drink cold water, our body is told to burn more calories in order to warm our body. Of course, the additional conditions are to drink plenty of water and clean water to boost metabolism.

Cold shower helps to burn fat as well. This is due to some of our brown fat cells need to work hard and burn fats to produce heat when we are showering with a cold water. According to Gerrit Keferstein, MD, these fat cells are found to have more at the areas of our neck and shoulder. So when we are showering, these areas are the perfect spot to get in contact with the cold water pouring down.

In addition, cold temperature helps in burning fat. According to a study in Journal of Clinical Investigation published in 2013, scientists discovered that even in milder cold temperature, body burns more calories to produce more heat. So, lower the temperature in your room by adjusting the thermostat while we sleep.

Tips 3 Adequate of Sleep

Research suggests that an individual should sleep up to 8 hours every day. If we are lacking of sleep, our body will produce less leptin hormone (make us feel full) but release more ghrelin hormone (make us feel hungry). We tend to eat more because our body react to these changes. On the other hand, enough of sleep ensures the balance of hormones in our body and prevent an individual from over eating.

Tips 4 Spice Up Your Meal

Adding chilies peppers to your meal may boost up metabolism and contribute to more calories burned. A review of 20 research studies shows that a type of chemical, capsaicin is found in chilies which can boost metabolism and burn around 50 extra calories a day. Furthermore, capsaicin make our appetite lesser. In another word, if we add spicy flavor to our meal, we will have lesser appetite.

Tips 5 Apple Cider Vineger

Apple Cider Vinegar may burn up our belly fat. A study shows that an experiment of obese rats treated with vinegar, lead to reduction of liver fat and belly fat. Apple cider vinegar sparks up our metabolism. Besides that, other study also shows that people will have a fewer of 200 calories a day after adding apple cider vinegar to their meal. This result proves that apple cider vinegar can control the part of human brain that performs appetite function.

Apple cider vinegar will make us feel less hungry for quite amount of time. How do we use apple cider vinegar? You can either drink 2 tablespoons per day before having a meal or you may use it as a salad dressing.

Tips 6 High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

According to an article in healthline, HIIT is an interval workout that starts with a short blast of high intensity workout followed by a lower intensity of recovery. The examples of activities that can be performed in HIIT are sprinting and cycling. Let’s say if we prefer sprinting for HIIT activity, so maybe we can start with a fast sprint for 20 seconds. Then followed by a few minutes of slow jogging. For an ideal result, we can perform a typical HIIT workout for at least 10 minutes.

But aren’t we looking at burning calories while sleeping. Why do we still need to workout? The fact is our body may continue to burn fat even after the workout was ended. If you want your body continue to burn calories while lying down, HIIT will definitely help you with this. A study shows that if an individual sprint in the form of HIIT for 2 minutes, his or her metabolism may increase over 24 hours. Why not giving it a try?

Lose Belly Fat Week

Come on now, let us set a week and try to lose belly fat by adopting the tips above. The important thing is we need to boost our metabolism, so that we can keep burning calories and belly fat even if we are lying down. Please feel free to comment below and let us know do the tips above work for you.



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  1. Hi Gary,

    I couldn’t agree more with the tips you’ve provided here.

    This is especially true of getting enough sleep. I think most people are so concentrated on what they do during their waking hours, more specifically in terms of exercise, that they tend to forget that the muscles repair and rejuvenate themselves while we sleep.

    So, in essence, if you want to make a difference to the way your body looks, make sure you’re getting 8 hours of shut-eye a night.

    I love that you’ve spoken of HIIT and sprint training in particular.

    One of my favourite forms of exercise, and as you mention, you can get a great workout completed in under half an hour.

    Thanks for a fantastic read and keep up the great work.


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