How to Lose Belly Fat by Running? Does It Really Work?

Running, running and keep running! Running is an aerobic exercise that many people love. It helps to burn off calories and burn off our belly fat as well. So how to lose belly fat by running? Some might be wondering does this really work.

The good news is we are not only going to lose belly fat but also shedding the overall body fat. In order to learn about how to lose belly fat by running, we must first have a little understanding on the operating system in our body.

Running ( intense exercise) ——-> breath in oxygen ——-> heart pumps blood faster ———> 1. Burn carbohydrate calories 2. Burn fat calories ——-> a lot of calories burn off and fat loss

From the path above, we learn that when we run, our heart pump blood faster. First, calories from carbohydrate will be used up. This ongoing process happens very fast and force our body to use up calories from our fat next. Hence, a large amount of calories used up from carbohydrates and fat will then contribute to fat loss.

In order to burn more fat, we should run and maintain our heart rate at around 75% of our maximum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate means the maximum heart beat on that particular activity.

Maximum heart rate = 220 – our age.

For example, a 40 year old man, maximum heart rate = 220 – 40 = 180

In order for him to burn fat, he need to run and maintain his heart rate at let’s say 75% of his maximum heart rate, which is 180 × 75% = 135. So he need to run and maintain his heart beating rate at 135 per minute to continue to burn fat.

The chart above shows the estimated fat burning heart rate in beats per minute for a range of age from 20 year old to 55 year old in three different type of exercises. In the chart above, the first row is labeled as aerobic which includes running exercise. As we can see, when a person getting older, his or her fat burning rate is getting lower as well.

If you run, your heart beats faster and pumps blood faster. If we maintain our heart rate at around 75% of our maximum heart rate during running, we will enter our fat burning zone. This lead to burning fat calories and enhance fat loss.

Warm Up Before Run

Before we begin to run, let’s warm up. Well, this is a can’t skip part because warm up prepare our body to perform well later and prevent possible injuries. During your warm up, your heart rate will increase gradually to prepare you for a more intense activity later.

How to do a pre-run warm up?

  • Perform a 7 minutes warm up
  • stretching such as high kicks and squad
  • Light joging
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Opposite foot touches

Tips to Run

  1. Begin your run with a slow jogging– Many people start to “sprint” but at the end,  they are tiring out and exhausted for running just a few minutes. Hence, please start slowly and relax. Let your body takes some times to adapt the changes from walking to running. In this way, you will enjoy running and keep on for a longer time.
  2. Run with intervals– Many beginners find it is impossible to finish the entire run non-stop. Never mind, it’s okay, lets break it into interval. You can begin to run for 3 minutes and take a break by walking for 2 minutes. After repeating for a few times, you may want to improve your running time by running longer and walking in a shorter time. When time goes on, you will build on stamina and you can run longer without stopping.       
  3. choose a suitable surface– Some runners might prefer certain surfaces for different trainings. Run on a treadmill~ rubber belt surface and you can run in any weather. Run at a beach~ sandy surface. Run on a park surface~ grass or soil surface. Run on a springy tartan.
  4. Be aware of side aches~ avoid taking any meal a few hours before you run. If you do so, you might be suffering from side aches. Let’s say if this happens to you in a sudden, press on it and breath calmly. Sit down and take a rest, you will recover slowly.
  5. Cross training~ participate in various kind of sports such as soccer, tennis and basketball etc. Running focuses a lot on the knee joint. So, participate in different sports may relief the stress produced in joint
  6. Hydration~ remember to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated before and after running.

Cool Down Stretching

  • Walk for a few minutes after you have done running for recovery and relaxing
  • Do different stretching after run for knee, hip and arm etc. Please be careful while doing stretching, do a mild stretching and avoid strained accidentally.

Good Reminder

Running is a very effective way to lose belly fat. However, in order to enhance it’s effectiveness, a good diet has to be combined with this aerobic exercise. For a successful long term run, you need to equip yourself well with a pair of suitable running shoes and traceable running watch or wrist band. These equipment will be discussed in a future post. You are welcome to leave a comment below to let us know when was your last run.


6 thoughts on “How to Lose Belly Fat by Running? Does It Really Work?”

  1. How to lose belly fat by running is a great guide to get started running to lose belly fat, so is this guide good for an older person to start to run or is running too strenuous for someone older in age


    • This is a good guide for beginners in all age even for an experienced runner. An older age person can adapts to the running tips easily. For example, he or she can makes adjustment on running time intervals,shorten the running time and lengthen the resting time.

  2. Very helpful post, I loved your tips for running and also explained how to calculate our maximum heart rate. I didn’t know that best is to keep our heart rate at about 70-80% of our maximum heart rate for best results. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. Hey Gary! This article definitely captured my interest. I’m in the fitness industry and I’m always looking to up my fat loss game. I usually run while intermittent fasting to help my body burn off the fat stores by depleting the carb stores more quickly when I’ve been fasting. I’m going to bookmark your page. Keep ’em coming!

  4. I personally think that running an effective way to increase your daily energy consumption and good for your cardiovascular system, but in no means necessary for fat loss. It can actually even cause muscle loss in a caloric deficit. I swear by strength training and maintaining a slight caloric deficit combined with high enough protein intake to preserve muscle mass. But like I said, running is still beneficial in many ways.


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