How to Lose The Belly Fat Fast For women? Walk It Off in 30 Days

Loving beauty is the nature of all women. Agree? Women want to stay slim forever. You want to be looking good and fit in all clothes. However, things happen in contrary to our wishes. You are worrying about your belly fat and searching for ways to lose it. For sure, you want to lose it fast and keep in shape as soon as possible.

So, how to lose belly fat fast for women? Before we start, let’s simply break down into a few factors that may lead to your belly fat.

  • Busy daily schedule contributes to lack of exercise. Maybe you have a full time 9 to 5 job, or you are a mother of few children, or even maybe you need to spend most time in house work. Lack of burning calories activities cause fat stored up in our body.
  • A busy lifestyle will easily give us stress. When we stressed out, our body releases  Cortisol ,a pressure hormone which affects our metabolism.
  • Not having plenty of sleep is one of the reasons that give us belly fat. This “extras” gained is related to short duration of sleep based on the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.
  • The fact is busy women will easily neglect a balance diet. This is due to lack of time to plan for a diet. Imbalance diet includes high sugar intake(soda drinks and candy), high carbohydrate diet (bread and pasta) and trans fat food (fast food and snacks).

Dear women, you hope to lose belly fat fast?

I have a solution for you —— Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off In 30 Days

About Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off In 30 Days

What about if I tell you, you can lose belly fat in 30 days by walking? How about just spending 30 minutes a day?


Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off In 30 Days is a fitness video DVD instructed by Leslie Sansone. She is well known and popular in the fitness sector at her walk at home DVD series. According to Sansone, this DVD is designed to be specifically used for 30 days.

In this DVD, there are two 30 minutes of workouts video, one with walking (Burn 30) and one with strength workout (Firm30).

Burn 30 : start with a warm up walk, walk and walk. Then, you are going to incorporate different actions into your walking. Sansone will guide you how to include your kicks, punches, hips and arms movement in your walking. Near the end, it is time to calm down your heart rate with stretches and easy walks.  She also suggests using this burn 30 program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Firm 30 : start with a warm up walk, walk and walk. Then, Sansone will guide you with different workouts and some with weights. In the last 10 minutes, follow her lead to do some workouts on an exercise mat such as chess press, body curls and stretches etc. Sansone suggests using this firm 30 program on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

*Take a day off on Sunday and have a good rest.

What Do I Need to Prepare?

  1. A player to play DVD.
  2. Dumbbells as Sansone will use weights in the firm 30 strength workout program. You can easily purchase dumbbells from Amazon:
  3. A personal exercise mat. You may buy online from Amazon:

Where Do I Buy This DVD?

  • Purchase Online :
  • DVD Name : Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off In 30 Days
  • Price : $14.99 USD
  • DVD Run Time : 1 hour and 4 minutes
  • Actor : Leslie Sansone
  • Release Date : July 31st, 2018

Customer Ratings From Amazon

From the rating of 1008 Amazon’s customers, 93% of these customers were satisfied and happy with this DVD. Meanwhile, the remaining 7%  were dissatisfied and unhappy. Let us look at some comments from the customers.

From these two positive reviews, we found that this fat loss workout program is simple to follow. This shows that it is beginners friendly. According to a customer, she losed 16 pounds in 30 days. Hence, her results proved the effectiveness of this program.

There are very few of customers complained the quality of DVD was found to be defective. However, this seems to be a rare situation since only around 1.5% of the customers had this issue. In addition, if Purchased item was found to be defective, please kindly refer to the refund policy in Amazon.

What I Do and Don’t Like About

What I do like about:

  • Walk it off in 30 days program is simple and easy to follow, so it is very beginners friendly.
  • these workouts are considered to be safe for everyone with very little risk of injuries.
  • workout at home anytime when you are free with very simple equipment (only dumbbells and exercise mat are required for strength workout)
  • There is an option to play the video or to play the music only

What I don’t like about:

  • This program only consists of workouts tutorial but doesn’t have any suggestions or guides on diet to be included in our fat loss.

My Rating

This program definitely deserved a rating at 8 out of 10. This is a worthwhile deal and solution for all women who want to lose fat. The only drawdown is no diet recipes provided in this program. Click here to look at the Beta-switch program which combines diet and specific workouts that enhance stubborn fat loss at certain parts of women body .

If you are busy, your schedule is always filled up with different work and activities, but you really hope to lose your belly fat in a shorter period, this is your solution. Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off In 30 Days DVD is a good choice for you.

Now you can easily purchase online from Amazon. You can choose any free time in a day and follow the workout for just 30 minutes. In addition, this program is beginners friendly as it is easy to follow along.

A reminder, always incorporate a good diet into your workout in order to see the best result and stay healthy. Click HERE to look at a sample of diet menu. When you start losing fat, you will need a fitness tracker to monitor your progress. This fitness tracker will give you measurements about your body fat composition and let you know what do you need to improve on.

Please leave a comment below and let us know that have you ever heard of Leslie Sansone walk at home DVD series. If you ever bought a DVD of hers, please share with us your experience on following her program as well. Thank you.




6 thoughts on “How to Lose The Belly Fat Fast For women? Walk It Off in 30 Days”

  1. Wow! I enjoyed reading this interesting and motivating post. You explained really well effective ways to lose that belly fat and effectiveness of your recommended exercise training.

    Thank you

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Gary, and thanks for this review!

    It’s good to know that there are easy ways to lose weight from home. And walking has always been advised as a great thing to do.

    As a senior, I appreciate weight loss programs that aren’t going to hurt my joints with aggressive exercise. Walking is one of the safest things to do (unless you’re on unlevel ground, lol).

    And my doctor says strength training is important for bone health. As we get older, we lose bone density. Strength training helps to keep them strong.

    I’ll have to look into this. Thanks again,

  3. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for sharing this program. I hadn’t heard about it before.

    I do recognize the part where you tell about the factors that lead to belly fat: for me, stress and higher production of cortisol leads to a change in my metabolism where I hold fat especially at my belly and hip zone.

    Since the covid-19 lock-down, I started living at a slower pace and trying to keep more balance (time for rest) during my work days. That has really helped to loose weight, together with my daily yoga practice! I also find that walking brings relaxation and helps me to stay fit.

    • You are welcome. That’s true, walking can make you calm and stay fit. Try to walk in a park or along the beach when the lockdown is over, your stress will definitely be decreasing day by day.


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