Lose The Belly Fat For Women : The Beta Switch Reviews

Is it difficult to lose belly fat for women? Have you ever experienced that no matter how hard, how long and how often you exercise, your stubborn fat on belly, hips and arms are still there.

You have tried different ways, methods, diet or programs but until now you are still clueless.

Maybe for once you have lost weight for a short term success, but since then you bounce back to the old you in no time.

Maybe you felt like you have wasted too much time in exercises like aerobics. You are too busy and have no time for that.

Before you feel like stucked in a dead end and helpless, I have a solution for you —— The Beta Switch. This program is designed by Sue Heintze for women who are experiencing the situation mentioned above.

This program is not just another weight loss, diet or workout program. It is designed by the author for a long term success. This program combines workout, nutritious diet and lifestyle. At the same time, the cells and hormones in women body that may boost fat burning process had taken into consideration by the author. Hence, she designed this program to give you a real change from inside out.

Who is Sue Heintze?

Sue Heintze is well-known in fitness coaching and she is an author of fitness magazines. Furthermore, 36 winners of Body Blitz Transformation Challenge are coached under her and her team.

She shares with us about beta switch theory which involves beta receptors (to decompose fat molecules) and alpha receptors (to slowdown fat molecules decomposition). Sue Heintze claims that the key to burn stubborn fat successfully is to stimulate beta receptors and turn off the alpha receptors.

Alpha receptors are 9 times more than beta receptors in certain parts of women body such as hips and higher arm while these causes the accumulation of stubborn fat.

According to her personal experiences, when she was start eating and training in a way that was stimulating her body’s beta receptors, she was actually keeping of fat easily. After applying beta switch theory, she had achieved more wins in body transformation contest than before.

What is in Beta Switch Program?

This program is accessible online. The contents are presented in PDF e-book and workout videos.

Below are the lists that you will get after you purchase online :

  1. The Beta Switch – Main Manual
  2. The Beta Switch – Quick Start Guide
  3. The Beta Switch – Supplement Guide
  4. The Beta Switch – Exercise Execution Guide
  5. The Beta Switch – Workout System Manual
  6. The Beta Switch – Workout Tracker Sheet
  7. The Beta Switch – Diet Tracker Sheets
  8. The Beta Switch – Success Tracker
  9. The Beta Switch – Pre-program Checklist
  10. The Beta Switch – Real Life Stories From Women Like You
  11. Video of cadio and workouts

In this program, you will understand the theory of turning your body into fat burning mode by stimulating beta receptors. In addition, you may realize how do hormones play an important role in the fat burning process. Author provides you list of food, diet and recipes that you may follow along to transform into a slim, healthy and new you. In video of cardio and workouts, Sue Heintze demonstrates how to exercise effectively without wasting any extra time.

How Do I Get Beta Switch?

The best way to purchase is at official website : https://www.tight-n-toned.com/beta-switch

Price : $19 USD

Product Summary : guide you on 12 weeks nutrition, workout and lifestyle system

If you purchase today, you will get limited edition FREE BONUSES. These include :

  • Bonus 1 – The 5-days Tummy Tuck – Sue Heintze shares some valuable and efficient tips to you for eliminating belly fat in a short period. Imagine you can put on your dream outfits to attend some important functions. She claims that these informations worth for $20 USD.
  • Bonus 2 – Boost Your Body Image Report – author will uncover the tips that you need to transform the old body image to a completely new you. You will be stunned by your new body image when looking at the reflection in the mirror.
  • Bonus 3 – Mind Over Matter : Win The Mental Game of Fat Loss – The cost of this book is $27 USD at retail price. But Sue Heintze decides to give you for free today. She understands most people failed in fat loss because of failure in tackling with metal game. Hence, author will explain the ways for you to cross your mental obstacles and achieve a long term success without any stress.
  • SUPER Bonus – You will be able to join the Tight n’ Toned club for one month free. Be part of the club membership, you are able to access every new weekly updated information such as diet and workouts at the website. Here comes the best part, you may have the chance to get coaching and questions answered by Sue Heintze personally.

What Do I and Don’t Like About Beta Switch

What I do like about Beta Switch :

  • This program was designed from women’s point of view and specifically for women as the author understands what women are struggling in fat loss such as the stubborn fat in belly, hips and higher arm.
  • This program offers a refund policy of 60 days money back guarantee if there is any unsatisfactory presence.
  • This program is definitely great value for money with a low price you pay but many valuable information and bonuses in return.
  • For women who have a busy daily schedule, you are able to access these manuals at any free time.

What I don’t like about Beta Switch:

  • Since I’m a guy, so I’m unable to benefit from this program if I want to lose fat.
  • There is no hard copies provided. This means that I need to be online to access the manuals and videos.

My Rating

Event hough I’m a guy and couldn’t benefit from this program, but this is a real deal. I will rate it 9 out of 10 stars as this is not just another diet plan or workout. The real issues faced by you women have taken into consideration by the author behind this program.

Imagine that you won’t need to worry about how to prepare a fat loss diet, simply take in any “recommended” supplement and exercise blindly. You have a guiding star on your way to fat loss. You will not only successfully get rid of your hateful stubborn fat, whereas you may also maintain healthy and remain balance in nutrition level.

If you want to say goodbye to all the stubborn that trap in your belly, hips and higher arms, get started now with Beta Switch. If you are unsatisfied with, please refund and get your money back.

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  1. Belly fats are one of the most stubborn fat especially on a woman as we age. And most women tried ways and means to eradicate those fats but it’s hard.

    This program would be a good answer to those ladies trying hard to burn those unwanted fats in the bellies.

    Thank you for this review,

    • You are welcome. Especially the author will teach some workout techniques that effectively burn off stubborn fat. Many women will prefer to discover this program.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the Beta Switch Program. I haven’t heard of it before. This is such a fantastic exercise program based on the beta switch theory – I have heard how effective the beta switch programs are. With the guidance from Sue Heintze, the desire to have a bikini body will come true.

    • I’m glad that you found a program that fits you. This program not only worth the deal but the most important thing is effective. Thanks for reading my review.


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