What is the best way to lose belly fat ?

Have you ever experienced that, when you sit down, your belly pop out? Maybe we did. You might feel OMG!!! You right immediately cover up your belly with a bag. Yes!! We want belly fat to be gone. We are wondering what is the best way to lose belly fat. Of course there are plenty pieces of advices and suggestions, but we only focus on one of it today.

Why do My Belly So Big and Getting Bigger?

Have you ever heard of cortisol? Are you confused? Let us put this in a simple way, cortisol is a pressure hormone in our body. When we stressed out, cortisol will be released. Cortisol will affect our metabolism and speed up our fat gaining process. Living in this modern world especially living in a big city, many stresses are waiting for you.

Every day routine that we don’t even pay attention about such as sleeping late at night or worse in the “morning” 2a.m. , intake too much of artificial food, and even the pressure from your work. These excessive stress will cause a lot of cortisol produced and accumulated. Here is how obesity and belly fat come.

Prevention is Better Than Medicine 

First and foremost, let us look at how can we prevent a pop out belly. We already know that stress is one of the reason. So, take a deep breath and relax. Chill my friend!! Let me know how was your last meal? What did you eat? Make sure you have a good diet and let your internal body relax.

Please take out all the snacks in your store and give it away. Yes, these artificial snacks stressed your body out! If you have a full time job from morning 9am to afternoon 5pm, you might  be complaining about no time for you to exercise. But, please take a walk in a park near your house like 20 minutes. Good habits and routine will help you relax.

Avoid High Sugar Intake

Everytime when we mention about losing belly fat we will relate it with exercise. That’s true, exercise do help in losing your belly fat. But today we are only focusing on  another best way in getting rid of your belly fat.

Lower your sugar intake would help in losing your belly fat. Most of us love ice-cream, chocolate and candy. They are just like our best mate, they made up our day, they make us smile. What happen when we take in a lot of high sugar content food?

Suppose insulin in our blood helps to regulate our blood sugar. When our blood sugar rises, insulin will convert glucose to glycogen. However, if excessive intake of sugar happens, insulin will store them as fat but resists for conversion. In a nutshell, practice high sugar diet may cause insulin to resist the conversion of glucose to glycogen but store them as fat.

Low Sugar Diet

First of all, what are the examples of high sugar food? Of course those are among your favorite food like chips, bread, cookies and ice-cream etc. Carbohydrate is considered high sugar diet since carbohydrate decomposes to glucose in our body. Maybe you claim to have a sweeth tooth and you want to enjoy. So what are those low sugar alternative diet can we choose instead of regular high sugar food?

If you are a carb lover, what are your choices besides bread and white rice? Genuine whole grain!!! Oat, barley or brown rice can be your source of carbohydrate. Make sure the carb chosen are 100% whole grain. They are rich in fiber and high nutritious value. They are your healthy choices no doubt.

How about your sweet tooth? You can have some real fruits to serve as your dessert. You heard me right, real and fresh fruits! Not any artificial fruit juices from the supermarket. Many of those are sugar added which means they are high sugar content. So please pick fresh fruits or you can even make your own fresh fruit juice with juice blender.

Are you an alcoholic beverage lover? Which alcoholic drinks have a lower sugar content? Cocktail? Beer? Nah…… they are not good choices. You may drink a bit of whisky instead.

Fizzy soda?? Sounds familiar? Maybe you don’t even notice you drink it every day, especially under a hot sunny day. Fizzy soda is a sugary can drink that you should totally avoid. Well, you might say, I can drink diet coke instead. That’s true diet coke doesn’t have added real sugar and they use substitute sugar aspartame instead. However, it is not a healthy choice either. A better way is to make a D.I.Y diet soda which consists of sparkling water with a bit of natural flavor.


We love to eat. But please remember that, food plays an important role in losing belly fat. Especially high sugar content food contribute to big fat belly. This might lead to other health problems in future. Hence, please choose an alternative low sugar diet instead. In this case, you can enjoy and be healthy too.

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