What is Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan? Solution for Belly Fat

What is Mediterranean diet meal plan? According to American Heart Association, Mediterranean diet is a traditional diet that is practiced by the people living in the countries at the border of Mediterranean. Mediterranean diet has been a popular diet for years that is ranked for top 1 among 35 best diets overall in U.S. News and World Report.

According to U.S. News and World Report, these 35 best diets overall were chosen by a panel of health experts. They judged the ranking of each diet according to how easy to follow on that diet, effectiveness in weight loss for short term and long term, nutrition level, safeness, healthiness as in managing and preventing diabetes and heart disease, based on one of the panel.

Hence, Mediterranean diet was evaluated based on those categories and ranked top 1 for best diets overall. Furthermore, America Heart Association does recommend Mediterranean diet due to its pattern of healthy eating.

Since this diet is so health beneficial and is recommended by experts, we are curious to know the details about Mediterranean diet. In this article, we are going to learn about the foods and meal plan that are included in Mediterranean diet and how can we lose belly fat and weight in this diet. Let’s dive right in.

What Is Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan?

Now we have learned that Mediterranean diet is the best overall diet and is practiced by people who live in the countries at the border of Mediterranean. But what can we actually eat in this diet?

From the above Mediterranean diet pyramid, the food to be used in this diet are : olive oil (use for every main meal), whole grain (examples : barley, whole oat and brown rice etc, use for every main meal), abundant of fresh vegetables (examples : broccoli, lettuce and cabbage etc, more than 2 servings for every main meals), fresh whole fruits (examples : orange, apple and guava etc, 1 or 2 servings for every main meal), nuts (examples : walnut, cashew nut and almond etc, 1 or 2 servings for everyday) and legumes (examples : bean and chickpeas etc, can be more than 2 servings every week).

Furthermore, the food to be used in moderate are : white meat (examples : chicken and pork etc, 2 servings for every week), fish (examples : salmon and tuna etc, can be more than 2 servings every week), egg (2 to 4 servings every week), poultry and dairy or calcium supplement. Meanwhile, the food to be used sparingly are red meat (less than 2 servings every week) and butter.

What food are better to be avoided or taken the least? White rice, white bread, white pasta, potatoes ( less than 3 servings every week) and all the sweetened products (less than 2 servings every week) like soda and candy.

The Mediterranean diet mainly focuses on healthy, fresh and whole food. So, processed food, refined or sweetened food and trans fat food should be avoided. Some diets may claim that exercise is optional in your weight loss journey. However, Mediterranean diet emphasizes healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercises to achieve a healthy and long term weight loss.

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What can I drink in Mediterranean diet?
We can take red wine in moderate, one glass per day is acceptable. We need to drink plenty of water every day. Infuse our water with herbal tea is acceptable. As for coffee lover, drinking coffee is acceptable but without sugar or any other sweet additive.

How to Lose Belly Fat and Weight With Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet provides much health benefits, but you might think how do I lose belly fat and weight with this diet? As we can see from the pyramid above, we will have plenty of vegetables and some legumes in Mediterranean diet. According to Kim Foster, a doctor and also a coach, she said that these foods will provide us soluble and insoluble fiber which are important in losing weight and making us feel more full.

Many people might think that they can’t lose weight with carbohydrates. However, Dr Kim Foster clarified that this is not the case with whole grain. This is due to the low glycemic index (GI) in whole grain which can slow down the spike of blood sugar. So, she further explained that this low GI whole grain will be digested slowly by us and keep our blood sugar release steadily. This is what we hope for while losing fat and weight.

In addition to that, Dr Kim had brought out the point that olive oil and fish can raise our metabolism. This is definitely the effect that we want in our weight loss journey.

Mediterranean diet Meal Plan menu

Below are examples of 3 days meal plan ( source : Medical News Today )

Day 1 : Breakfast – 1 cup of whole grain oats top with dates, cinnamon, raspberries, honey and almond. Lunch – whole grain sandwich spread with avocado, sandwich filled with zucchini, bell pepper, onion and eggplant. Dinner – One bake salmon with garlic and black pepper, olive oil and chives with one roasted potato

Day 2 : Breakfast – scramble egg (2 eggs), fillings : onion, tomatoes and bell peppers, topping : 1/4 of avocado. Lunch – Drizzling olive oil and lemon juice on a small roasted chicken, pair with 2 cups of tomatoes and cucumbers. Dinner – Small white fish, pair with 2 cups of spinach and tomato.

Day 3 : Breakfast – whole grain oats, toppings : dates, maple syrup, blackberries and cinnamon. Lunch – Whole grain pita bread ; 2 cups of green salad, toppings : tomatoes and olives, dressings : vinegar and olive oil ; 2 OZ of hummus. Dinner – Whole grain pizza, toppings : cheese, vegetables and tomato sauce.

Some people might feel difficult to make planning on their meals. Especially when they are changing to a new eating habit and pattern, the Mediterranean diet that they are doing now is unlikely to their usual meals and life style. So, they might felt helpless and no clues on how to keep on preparing each Mediterranean meal.

If this is your case, I have a solution for you, The Mediterranean diet – 30 days challenge. Rest assured, this is not a competition or any kind of challenge. This is just a diet plan that gives you a simple guide on Mediterranean diet to help you in losing belly fat and weight. Please read my short review below.

The Maditerranean Diet Plan 30 Days Challenge Short Review

This Mediterranean diet plan is created by Kimberly Clark, a nutritionist and health adviser. This whole diet plan is displayed in digital format and you are able to download in your portable device. This is what you will get when you purchase this plan :

Regular price : $ 37 USD

Where can I purchase this Mediterranean diet plan ? Official website : https://mediterraneanplan.com/

Digital Product : 1)The Beginner’s Guide to The Mediterranean Diet : This guide is walking you through the concept and principles of Mediterranean diet. 2)The Incredible Mediterranean Diet Cookbook : In the next 30 days after you have signed up, you will get 92 pages of cookbook which includes easy to follow recipes, and some (delicious) low calories guilt free desserts. 3)The Official Mediterranean Diet Calendar : A journal to keep record of your daily activities levels, amount of water you drank and the food you ate. 4)The Beach Body Program : Tutorial on how to get a slim body in 3 to 6 months with this diet which includes some workouts that can be done from your home. 5)The Detox Guide : This 14 days guide help you to fight inflammation that caused by the old unhealthy eating habits. You will get benefits from this guide if you are suffering from anxiety or joint paint. 6)The winner’s Morning Routine Guide : This guide will demonstrate to you the lifestyle and breakfasts of the healthiest and the most successful people in the world. 7)Bulletproof Guide : This guide will help you to live for a longer live and prevent diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s etc. 8)Facebook Accountability Group : Get access and meet with like-minded individuals.

What do I like about this diet plan?

  • This diet plan is customized according to your food preference, height, weight and your weight loss goal. This means you can lose weight effectively without giving up your favorite food, unless those unhealthy processed food.
  • This diet plan is very convenient as you can bring along your mobile phone or tablet and refer at anywhere you like.
  • Provide you easy to follow on recipes and you can keep on using these recipes even after 30 days challenge.
  • The best part is, this diet plan provides you 60 days refund policy. Imagine after your 30 days challenge, you don’t see any result and you feel unsatisfied. You just go ahead and ask for refund.

What I don’t like about this diet plan?

  • Well, this diet plan only available in PDF format and no hard copies provided.

In a nut shell, if you are serious about losing belly fat and weight but have no idea about meal planning, consider to get help from this Mediterranean diet plan. If you do not satisfy with the results and this diet plan is not within your expectation, just ask for money return within 60 days after you have made a purchase.

I have good news for you today, what if I tell you that you can get a $10 USD discount and purchase this diet plan for $27 USD?

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Final Thought

Maybe you want to lose belly fat and weight, you came across this Mediterranean diet and you are still taking time considering. Well, this diet can help you in losing belly fat and weight for long term, it is sustainable, provide high level of nutrition and healthy.

In addition, this diet is not restrictive in carbohydrates unlike keto diet. If you are a carb lover, this is definitely a YES for you when you are trying to lose belly fat. However, what if you don’t want to be in the kitchen and you have no time to spare for preparing Mediterranean diet?

I have a solution for you too. You can just easily ask for food delivery online through Bistromd. You are basically hiring a “chef” from them and they will prepare meals according to your needs and deliver to your front door.

Please always remember to combine exercises with Mediterranean diet to achieve your weight loss goal. In this way, you not only have an ideal shape but also a healthy body.

Can you please let us know in the comment below, do you know what is a Mediterranean diet before reading this article? If you have tried this diet before, how do you feel? Please share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading.

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