What Is One Meal A Day “Diet Plan”?

What is one meal a day “diet plan”? One meal a day is a form of intermittent fasting. You are going to include all nutrients needed in just a meal and fast for around 23 hours.

Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day? Do I need to eat one meal a day daily? Rest assured, after reading this article, you will be very clear and you can start your weight loss plan right away.

Lose Belly Fat And Weight By OMAD

OMAD can lose belly fat and weight effectively by lowering our insulin hormone. OMAD has the same concept of burning fat as intermittent fasting. According to an article published in Harvard Medical School, If we have excess of carbs enter our body, they will eventually break down into glucose.

The extra unused glucose will be brought and stored in our fat cells by insulin. So, when we are fasting long enough, our insulin drops down to very low levels and very far that can shed off the fat in our body, explained in that article.

In addition, Dr. Nick Zyrowski explained that OMAD is effective in losing weight not only that we are taking a lesser calories, but it is also related to our hormone sensitivity. He further explained that when we fasted for a longer period, our hormone became sensitive and our hormone became more responsive.

Furthermore, Dr. Nick Zyrowski also gave us an example to consider, a diabetes individual has a low sensitivity of hormones where his or her hormones can’t be “heard”. However, when we are fasting, our hormones become higher in sensitivity and tell our body how to deal with the blood sugar and tell our body to shed off the fat. So, Dr. Nick Zyrowski said this lead to weight loss.

How to Do OMAD Diet Plan?

It is important that we learn how to do OMAD comfortably and safely. Dr. Sten Ekberg suggested that before we start to do OMAD, we need to let our body learns the way to get fat adapted and use the fat by reducing carbs intake.

Next, when we start to find out that we can skip breakfast and won’t get as hungry as before, he recommended that we may shrink our eating window to 8 hours. This means that if we break our fast at 10am, then we are having the last meal of the day before 6pm.

Dr. Stern Ekberg said we can keep moving on to the next level gradually by shrinking our eating window to 6 hours and then 4 hours. After we are comfortable with this 4 hours eating window and we feel like we don’t need anything outside this window, he said we are then ready to go for OMAD. He further explained, in this case, our body will not be shocked and feels OK for eating in a shorter period.

What do eat for one meal a day? According to Dr. Nick Zyrowski, we need to have proper nutrition for just eating one meal in a day which consists of 50% fats, 40%protein and 10%carbs. He further added that this is just a rule of thumb, you may make some adjustments to this scale according to your daily activities and how do you feel with it.

One Meal A Day Diet Plan

Above picture shows the one meal a day diet plan. Dr. Nick Zyrowski also reminded us, since we are doing OMAD, we need to make sure to have a high quality meal. Our sources of fats, protein and carbs have to be good. For instance, organic grass fed meat is a good source of protein and sweet potatoes is a good source of carbs. On the other hand, He warned that if we eat low quality fat, it is going to lead us into inflammatory state.

If you have no experience in cooking, no idea on how to prepare a good quality of OMAD meal or even don’t know how to prepare the ingredients that suit your nutrition and calories needs, you can follow the simple guide from a cookbook. You can easily purchase an OMAD cookbook with just a few clicks on Amazon.

Maybe you are too busy to make a proper diet planning for OMAD, you can even easily order online from Bistromd. They can customize your meal that suits your needs and deliver the meals to your door. This is definitely lightening your burden if you have a busy daily schedule.

Do I need to eat one meal a day daily? This is actually up to you and you can do it every day if you feel comfortable with. Dr. Nick Zyrowski even suggested that you can switch between OMAD and 16:8 intermittent fasting. If you go for extra cardio exercises or do some HIIT workouts on that day, you will need a lot of energy, then OMAD might be not enough for you. In this case you can do a regular 16:8 intermittent fasting on that particular day.

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What Common Mistakes to Avoid In OMAD?

Many people do more harm than good in OMAD, they try to create a massive calories deficit while eating only one meal a day. But does this really work? Dr. Stern Ekberg warned that if you are doing so, you are going to put yourself into starvation and destroy your metabolism. If this is the case, your body is going to preserve energy for you and you are not going to lose weight.

Hence, he recommended that it is important to let your body to be fat adapted first and use up the fat resources. In addition, he reminded us try not to cut down our daily calories needed too much and try to maintain around 70% to 80% of our daily calories required while doing OMAD. You can easily calculate your daily calories required here.

Dr. Nick Zyrowski added some important notes on this matter that we need to create a minor calories deficit for a long term successful weight loss. If we do OMAD in a minor calories deficit way, he mentioned that we are going to lose a lot of weight for a long term and healthy way.

What Can I Drink Whithin My Fasting Period?

We can drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning. Apple cider vinegar helps to boost our metabolism and enhance the effectiveness of losing fat and weight. A coffee lover can drink a cup of unsweetened coffee in the morning. This coffee may even help to overcome your feeling of hunger.

However, we shouldn’t drink alcohol and coconut water. Even though coconut water is fresh and healthy, it contains high amount of sugar.

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Final Thought

How many meals do you eat in a day? If you are planning to lose weight and fat or even get healthier, you can try to eat one meal a day. OMAD is effective in losing fat and time saving as you only need to be focusing on preparing and eating one meal in a day.

There are many other health benefits listed by Dr. Eric Berg on doing OMAD. These include improvement on digestion, immunity, diabetes, insulin resistance and reverse fatty liver and the list goes on.

If you have decided to lose weight now, but you have never tried even a fast before, don’t do OMAD immediately. You need to move on gradually by changing your diet and eating habit first. After sometimes, you may proceed to a regular intermittent fasting if your body feels comfortable with. When your body starts to get used to fasting, you may gradually decrease your eating window after times until you finally eat only one meal a day.

Always remember that it is flexible to switch from OMAD to intermittent fasting or even to a regular keto diet, as long as you feel comfortable with and don’t try to push yourself too hard. Can you let us know that have you ever tried to eat only one meal a day? If yes, how did you deal with your feeling of hunger? Thank you.

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